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Children's master classes

During the holiday, it can be difficult to organize children's leisure so that the chosen entertainment is informative, interesting and useful. Therefore, thematic master classes have been especially popular lately. They help to try themselves in different directions and at the same time show creativity, gain new experience and skills. The Mama Mia restaurant offers children's master classes in Tula to make the celebration truly unforgettable and interesting.

Which workshops are held

Master classes is a unique idea for any holiday where there are children. The event will be interesting and informative for a child of any age. There are several options for carrying out, which allows you to choose the most suitable one.

Master classes are presented in a wide variety of topics, so you can choose an option taking into account the hobbies of the child. Children's master classes are offered in Tula with a culinary bias. In the process, the child has the opportunity to acquire a new hobby, get an interesting experience in cooking various dishes. For some children, this may be a way to find their calling or future profession. The child can take the result with him. Our masters are ready to conduct the following children's master classes:

  • bartender show;
  • gingerbread house;
  • dumplings without haste;
  • painting cookies;
  • cooking pizza.

They order children's master classes in Tula as an addition to the main holiday event. If there are a lot of children, then it is recommended to choose several programs in order to divide the children into groups.


The Mama Mia restaurant offers children's master classes at an affordable cost to everyone. They are conducted by experienced specialists who will help children learn new techniques for them and at the same time monitor compliance with safety regulations. All children's master classes are held with the provision of the necessary materials and tools. Only high-quality components are used, which guarantees an impeccable result. And the resulting emotions will forever be remembered by the child.

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